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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mrs. Blair's Pig Pen

So, last week was Pet Week, and the next week was... Farm Week!
I wanted to come up with a fun craft/art for the kids to do, that would tie in with the theme, but be something that we could hang on the wall and show off to their parents.  I remembered this craft we made one time (in church or school, or with my mom- who knows!) where we made animals with clothespin legs.  I wanted the kids to cut out the pieces, because we're learning shapes, and practicing fine motor skills, like cutting.  
I used the bottom of a hand sanitizer bottle (or germy, if you're 4) for the body, which made a perfect oval shape.  Then the paper clip holder was the perfect size for the head.  I traced these on pink paper, for the kids to then cut out.  Then, I had this awesome construction paper that was different skin tone colors.  I took the caucasian color out.  I traced a smaller circle for the snout, and two triangles for the ears.  Then I had clothespins, googley eyes and pink pipe cleaners (or chenilles) for the tails.
They all named and cut out the shapes, and glued them together.  Then, they drew on two nostrils, and glued on the googley eyes.  They colored the clothespins pink (a pink highlighter worked really well).  I helped them twist the pipe cleaner on a thin marker and attach it to the pig's bottom.

Cutest things ever!

Once the kids made theirs, I had to make one of my own!

I took pictures of all the kids with their pigs, and gave them to their parents.

Then, I made a "Pig Pen", and attached all the piggies to it, so my kids could show them off to everyone who walked by our room.

So broken down, here is what you need for one pig:
1 oval shape for body
1 large circle for head
1 small circle for snout
2 triangles for ears
2 googley eyes
2 clothes pins
1 pipe cleaner, wrapped around a pencil
Pink highlighter
Black marker
Glue stick

For a snack that week, I bought them Milk Straws from "got milk?".  (Because milk comes from cows, and cows live on farms.)  They were a big hit!

We also had animal crackers.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Farm Week in our K4 class!


  1. I am linking to your cute pig craft in a post I'm doing this coming monday on the Three Little Pigs, I used a picture of it as well, hope you don't mind!

    1. Don't mind in the least, Jen! Thank you for stopping by, and I'm glad you liked it! I think it would be perfect for the Three Little Pigs! Love it!