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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My sweet sweet hubby baked me a birthday cake!

So, being newly married, and both of us in new jobs, we don't have that much to splurge, but my dear husband surprised me, and baked me a cake-all on his own.  To make it even better, he took pictures of the process so I could blog about it.  I'm the luckiest girl ever!

Red velvet is my favorite cake.  Then, he put Hershey's chocolate frosting between the layers.

Mmmm... to such amazing layers!  So much cake!

Then, he frosted the outside with whipped cream frosting.  M-m-m.

How lucky am I, seriously!?

This is a very happy birthday girl!

All out in one blow!

Yummy ooey-gooey inside!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baking 60 cupcakes!!!

Mmmm, cupcakes!
So, having a husband who's a youth pastor makes for a lot of pizza, staying up all night (church lock-ins), and of course fundraisers.  So, every couple months the youth serve lunch after church.  $5 will get you a bowl of soup (this time my honey made a corn chowder-yummm!), a grilled cheese sandwich, a pop (yeah, I'm in Ohio now, I say pop) and a desert.  When it comes to desert, people automatically look at me, which I don't mind. :)  So, I'm baking 60 cupcakes.  Sometimes it's a plus to have a small church.  I bakes strawberry, lemon and funfetti.
Here they all are!  (Notice our cupcake-aholic dog eyeballing them.  He is totally waiting for me to blink, so he can steal one.)

I really hate how the mixes never quite make 2 dozen (I always end up with 20.  No matter what I do.) and the frosting never covers them all like I would like.  So, I decided to go with just a dollop of frosting.  I'm not over-joyed with how they turned out, but for $1.25, they're not so bad. :)

This is how I started frosting them.  Then, after I went through 1/2 1 can, having only frosted 8, I decided to cut back.  That brought these...

Still cute though! :)

So, if you're anywhere in the Willard area, come to our church tomorrow, and support the youth group!

So, my sweet hubby got me a frosting bag with a petal tip.  I was thinking of adding roses to these, but the roses were harder than I thought.  Plus I don't have all the right tools.  So, I put it on one, to see how it would look.  I love it.  But I still need lots of practice.  So, once I've mastered it, I'll post about that, and give you detailed instructions.  Until then, this'll have to do! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Felt rosette pin/hair clip

So, I recently really love rosettes, especially as jewelry, or hair accessories.  I don't have any fabric right now, but thanks to my mom, I have beautiful felt.  So, I decided to try to make felt rosettes.  They turned out even cuter than I thought!  Check out the really easy tutorial!

Fun felt jewelry.

I used an inch wide, and about 4 1/2 inch long piece of felt, safety pins, and my trusty needles.

I started out by folding over a little bit on top, to make for a fuller .  Then I  rolled it into a tight bud.

Then, I kept rolling it, until I rolled the whole piece of felt up.

Next, I ran the needle through a few times, in a few places to secure it.  I tried to make sure that on top I didn't make any "visible" stitches.

At the end I ran the needle through the bottom, to tie it off.

Like this!

I made two of them.

I sewed to felt balls to the side, and then sewed a safety pin to it.  By using a safety pin, I can use it as a pin, or run a bobby pin through it, and add it to my hair.