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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baking 60 cupcakes!!!

Mmmm, cupcakes!
So, having a husband who's a youth pastor makes for a lot of pizza, staying up all night (church lock-ins), and of course fundraisers.  So, every couple months the youth serve lunch after church.  $5 will get you a bowl of soup (this time my honey made a corn chowder-yummm!), a grilled cheese sandwich, a pop (yeah, I'm in Ohio now, I say pop) and a desert.  When it comes to desert, people automatically look at me, which I don't mind. :)  So, I'm baking 60 cupcakes.  Sometimes it's a plus to have a small church.  I bakes strawberry, lemon and funfetti.
Here they all are!  (Notice our cupcake-aholic dog eyeballing them.  He is totally waiting for me to blink, so he can steal one.)

I really hate how the mixes never quite make 2 dozen (I always end up with 20.  No matter what I do.) and the frosting never covers them all like I would like.  So, I decided to go with just a dollop of frosting.  I'm not over-joyed with how they turned out, but for $1.25, they're not so bad. :)

This is how I started frosting them.  Then, after I went through 1/2 1 can, having only frosted 8, I decided to cut back.  That brought these...

Still cute though! :)

So, if you're anywhere in the Willard area, come to our church tomorrow, and support the youth group!

So, my sweet hubby got me a frosting bag with a petal tip.  I was thinking of adding roses to these, but the roses were harder than I thought.  Plus I don't have all the right tools.  So, I put it on one, to see how it would look.  I love it.  But I still need lots of practice.  So, once I've mastered it, I'll post about that, and give you detailed instructions.  Until then, this'll have to do! :)

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