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Friday, October 17, 2014

Get A Sister, Throw A Party!

Oh, happy, happy day!!!
My brother did the best thing he could ever do - he gave me a sister!
In August, we all went up to beautiful New Hampshire, for the fabulous event.  Of course, my mom and I, jumping on a chance to let our creative juices flow, decided that the Rehearsal Dinner was going to be as beautiful and special as they are.
The wedding color was guava, which is this amazing shade of corally pink.  My latest color obsession is aqua, and the two just happened to go so perfectly together, that we couldn't resist.
To make matters even more splendid, Target's summer picnic line was just these colors.  Let the planning commence!

We got:
- Blue Ball mason jars (9) for vases
- Ball mason jars (40-ish) for glasses
- Target's summer serve wear (bowls, platters, etc.)
- Aqua/pink/ivory candles
- Short vases
- Pink striped paper straws
- Aqua striped paper straws
- Ivory napkins
- Raffia
- Mini chalk boards
- Mason jar shaped drink dispenser
- Silver plastic silverware (we were staying in a rental house, and didn't know what they had)
- Pink/aqua/silver/ivory balloons
- My grandmother's doilies, hankies and lace tablecloths
- Flowers (baby's breath, cherry blossom branches, hydrangeas, roses)
- Brown paper labels
- Letter stamps, aqua and coral ink pad
- One really cool surprise...

The lady whose house we ended up staying at actually used to be an food editor for Woman's Day magazine, so you can imagine how AWESOME her house was!  So, there really wasn't much we needed to do to make it look pretty.  Or shabby chic.
Nonetheless, here is what we ended up with: 

The surprise!!!

See those cute pink ice cubes floating around in the lemonade?
Well, they are strawberry ice cubes.
Do the look too yummy not to try for yourself?
Here's what you're going to want to do:

- Ice trays 
- Strawberries
- Lemonade
- Mint
- Blender

- Blend together the strawberries, mint and a little bit of lemonade, freeze, and serve.  It's super easy, looks and tastes yummy, and your guests will think it's the cutest thing ever.  Also, as it melts, it turns your lemonade into strawberry lemonade, not watery lemonade.  


So, Katie, welcome to the craziest, and most loving family the world have ever known!

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