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Friday, November 6, 2015

Family Star Wars Costume DIY

As you probably now by now, I love dress-up!  So naturally, I love this time of year.  Our sweet little resident all-boy is crazy about Star Wars, so naturally we decided to a galaxy far, far away...

If you want to recreate the looks, here's what you'll need:

Han Solo:
- My sweet husband indulges me, so when he asked if he could wear just a Han Solo T-shirt, I said yes.  :)  Your husband will thank you if you let him off the hook every once in a while. 

Princess Leia:
- I found the white turtleneck at Goodwill.
- The white skirt is from a dance costume website.  We bought them for a Christmas production one year (I actually layered two, because they were a little see-through).
- The belt is aluminum foil.  I didn't go crazy with all the accessories this year, but I think it turned out pretty cute. :)
- I wore some white flats that I had.
- I made two sock buns - which turned out adorable, if I do say so myself.

- We ordered a bear costume from  It was cute, and served our needs perfectly. 
- I bought a brown men's shirt for the hood.
- I cut the side seams and arms off the shirt, and placed the bear head piece on Aidan.  I then laid the shirt on his head, with his face in the head hole .  I drew lines for where the ears were going to pop out, and cut out holes.

Aidan had an adorable toy ewok from his Aunt and Uncle, so of course we had to get a picture of them together.

Family selfie!

I hope you liked our costumes this year!  Any ideas for next year?  What did your family dress up as this year?  Do you still do family costumes, and if not, when did your kids decide they were too old for them?  I'm already dreading the day...


  1. Absolutely adorable all around! Never thought those costumes could be that simple to recreate!!

    1. I'm so glad you liked them! They really were so simple. Thank you for stopping by!