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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Globe "Together in Heart" Ornament DIY Tutorial

Ahhh, it's the most wonderful time of the year!
Which for me, means it's ornament making time!  Every year, I make my family a new ornament.  One year I made a felt cupcake ornament, one year a clay one in the shape of Hungary, one year I made a wood ring one, with our family picture on it, and last year, I made Clothespin People versions of each of us.

This year, I wanted to highlight, that even though we all live so far away, that we are still all together in spirit and heart.

This is what I ended up with:

To create your own, this is what you'll need:

3-inch foam craft balls
Segmented World map (I'll upload the one I used)
Paint (a color that matches the water color)
Modge Podge
Paint brush
Paper (for the strip around)
Black Sharpie pen
Small metal hook
Red-headed pins

Here is the map I used:


1.  Print out map.  I printed this one out at 155%, to fit the 3-inch foam ball.  You'll want to print out out, cut it out (when you're cutting it out, cut on the inside of the black line, you don't want that on it), and try it on the ball before you commit.  I did end up having to add another segment to it, because it didn't go all the way around.  So, I used that far left segment, that is mostly the Pacific Ocean.

2. Paint the foam ball.  I wasn't sure how the foam would handle the mode podge, if it would suck it up, and cause it to warp.  When I googled it, I saw someone suggest painting it first.  I chose a color that pretty much matched the color of the water, that way if if it peeked through a little, it wouldn't be so noticeable.  

3. Let them dry.  I used toilet paper rolls for them to sit on.

4. Brush modge podge on the white side of the map, then carefully wrap it around the ball.  This part is very tricky, because the glue causes the paper to curl and stick to itself, and you're trying to line up your segments at the same time.  I had one tear, which was distressing, but honestly, mode podge forgives much.

Even with this overlapping, there was still a little bit of space left uncovered, just for reference sake.

5. Next, brush the modge podge on the outside of the ball.  Run your fingers along it, trying to get rid of any bubbles or wrinkles, paying special attention to where the segments meet up.  As it dries, every once in a while rub your fingers along it, smoothing it out.

6. Let them fully dry

6. I screwed a small hook in the top, and looped some twine through it.

7. This part is optional, but after this, I wrote out "Although we're Worlds apart, we're together in heart." on a strip of scrapbook paper.  I then played around with placement, until I liked it.  I used the modge podge again to glue it around.

8. Finally, I pushed the pins into the four places we live.  Well, approximately, because New York is close to new Hampshire, and Slovenia is close to Hungary.

And there you have it!  I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, and even more than that, I hope my family loves their new ornament!
Please share with me your favorite Christmas traditions, or ornaments,  I'd love to see them!

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