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Friday, August 9, 2019

6 New Book Lover's Favorites

Our family loves books.

It almost seems to be written into our DNA. My Gran wrote books, my mom was a voracious reader, my brother studied journalism and has written a book of poetry, I... taught kids how to read? Lol. The point is - we love books! So today is for us. Today is National Book Lovers Day!
So here are some of my "new" favorite children's books! 

1. Home by Carson Ellis                                   
As a family for whom the concept of "home" can be a little fluid or even confusing at times, this book is a great reminder that homes look different for everyone. It is beautifully illustrated - so much so, that I actually have it displayed, rather than hiding on a shelf. It invokes a kind of thoughtfulness, which I appreciate. 

Yes, I'm on the Joanna Gaines bandwagon, and I don't care! We love this book and how it sweetly follows a family's journey into the ups and downs of gardening. Since we read the book, my son has been on the lookout for worms, a.k.a. detectives of the soil. Again, this book has lovely illustrations in somewhat muted colors.

This is the perfect book for those of you out there with boys who have sensitive souls. It paints a beautiful picture of a full and simple life lived by the ocean. I'm a sucker for illustrations, and once again the pictures are breathtaking. We have this book up on a (reachable) shelf in our son's room, and I often catch my eyes resting on the face of the sweet boy on the cover.

We really love the BabyLit books! They are board book primers based on some of the classics - such as The Jungle Book, Sherlock Holmes, Emma, The Secret Garden, etc. Each one has a theme, such as "opposites" or "numbers". I honestly can't recommend these highly enough!

I am a big fan of Eric Carle! When starting to plan our little girl's 1st birthday party, I knew I wanted it centered around one of his books, just like her big brother's. I'm on kind of a "honeybee" kick, so I was thrilled to find this interactive book! I don't think it's been printed many times, as I was only able to find used ones of it on Amazon. The copy I bought was in wonderful shape, looked as good as new!

I was so thrilled when my mom got this book for us! I loved the original She Persisted, and was eager to read the "Around the World" edition. I was very happy to see Malala Yousafzai, one of my personal heroes in it. This is a terrific book for both boys and girls, to see the kind of impact you can have when you won't take "no" for an answer.

So, there you have it. From one bibliophile to hopefully another - what are some of your favorite books you've recently discovered? 

Early literacy is so important. There are numerous studies that show that children who are exposed to books from a young age grow up to be stronger readers, more empathetic, have a healthy imagination, and enjoy reading into their adulthood.
Reading allows us, as well as our children to travel to places they couldn't otherwise. It teaches them to look at people and situations from a different point of view. It opens their minds to new possibilities - what a beautiful gift to give our children.

So, celebrate today by curling up with a new book, or an old favorite. You can't go wrong. 

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