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Saturday, March 9, 2019

6 Children's Books To Read For Women's Day

I'm a day late with this, but I'm choosing to extend myself some grace because, you know.  Teething baby.  Also, we've decided to make it a Women's Weekend, so there! :)

Here are my top 6 books to read to your kiddos this weekend (and anytime) that feature strong women!

This is a great book that highlights some of the women in US history who left their mark - from Ruby Bridges to Virginia Apgar, Maria Tallchief to Helen Keller and many more, it's a great way to introduce your child to women who wouldn't take no for an answer.  There's an "Around The World" version I'd love to own, too!

This is a great book that teaches kids (especially young girls of color) about healthy body positivity.  It's an important message about natural beauty and strength, and speaking about yourself in a positive way.  I used this in my classroom a lot as a kindergarten teacher.  It's important to read books like this to caucasian kids too, so that they too recognize the beauty and individuality in their peers who may not look like them.

I recently bought this book for Jocelyn.  The illustrations are scrumptious! It's the story of a young woman whose grandfather encourages her to see the world, live by the ocean, and make the world a more beautiful place.  I especially like this one, because she remains single, but it's a a total non-issue, it isn't even mentioned.

This thoughtful and beautiful book is the story of Jessie, a 13-year-old young girl from Eastern-Europe.  Her rabbi gives her a ticket to sail to the new world, America.  My favorite part, is that she saves up enough money to send for her grandmother (who raised her) to join her.  Talk about powerful!  She becomes a seamstress specializing in bridal gowns - eventually making her own, as well.

This one is a little more lighthearted, because often kids remember things better when it's wrapped in something that already interests them.  Aidan is crazy about superheroes, so I loved getting him this one that featured a strong girl.  My favorite part of this book, is that being kind, helping your friends and asking for help when you need it are all shown as strengths.

Someday maybe I'll write a whole post about how amazing the original Historical American Girl books are.  If you're interested in these, you can find them in 6 book box sets, each set featuring one girl, in a specific era.  They are great representatives of the times, and teach kids about history, bravery and strength of character.  I had at least 8 sets of these growing up, and they heavily influenced me!  Names (girls) to search for: Molly (World War II era girl), Kit (Depression era girl), Kirsten (pioneer era girl), Kaya (Native American girl from the 1760s), Josefina (Mexican American girl from the 1820s), Samantha (Victorian era girl), Addy (African American girl, whose family escapes slavery), and Felicity (Revolutionary War era girl).

There are many-many more, but these are my top picks for this year. What is your favorite children's book about a strong girl?

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