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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Honeybee Themed 1st Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated our littlest cutie's 1st "bee day"! I love planning any kind of party, especially one with a fun theme. For Aidan's birthday we went with "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", so I kind of wanted to go with another Eric Carle book for Jocie's party. I found one of his books called "The Honeybee and the Robber", and it was so cute! Slovenia is really into beekeeping, so it just seemed like the perfect choice.

Here are some snapshots from the sweet day:

Danish Lagkage - I decorated the cake with peaches, nectarines, apricots, mangoes and blueberries. Then I added a few fondant flowers and candy bees. I made the cake in a smaller pan, so it made 4 layers. I used a round cookie cutter to cut out three smaller circles and made Jocie a mini version of the cake. It worked out perfectly!
Sugar Cookies - I bought cookie cutters from Ann Clark. I used the beehive one for the cookies. I decorated them with royal icing, candy bees and flowers. If you plan on making these, I suggest watching a tutorial on youtube, it was a big help.
- Sandwiches - My mom helped by using a hexagon shaped cutter to cut out sandwiches. Then my dad cut bees out of bell peppers. It looked so adorable!
- Melon Flowers - We cut flowers out of melons, put them on kebab sticks, and topped them with blueberries. So cute!
- Oreos - my parents brought back these Oreos from the States that have yellow filling.
- Cereal - we had some flower shaped cereal (Honeycombs would work well too). Perfect for a party for babies!
- Food pouches - another great addition for a baby party!
- Lemonade - we added some of the cut up fruit left over from the cake to it.

Decor/Other stuff :):
- We used sunflowers and craspedia (billy balls) for flowers.
- We found the bee lights at IKEA.
- The banner is from Amazon.
- Jocie's super cute dress from her grandparents is from Mini Mioche.

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