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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Have your cake, and keep it too!

Dan's family has this great tradition, where at Thanksgiving all the ladies give each other a Christmas ornament.  I wanted them to be something that would remind them of me.  So, since we had (Georgetown Cupcake) cupcakes for our wedding cake, I thought cupcakes were definitely the way to go.  So, brushing up on my blanket stitch, I got to work.  They were SO cute, SO easy, and SO cheap, that I ended up making 18 of them.  I made chocolate and vanilla ones, with frosting of all colors.  Not to mention the sprinkles!  It was very easy to get carried away with the sprinkles!  All this adorable craft took, was some felt, thread, beads, quilting stuffing (Poly-fil) and some ribbon.  (Michael's has great deals on off-season ribbon.)  I looked around for a design I liked, but ended up making my own.  I then scaled that down to make some scrumptious cupcake earrings.  
This ended up being a fun, economic, too-cute-for-words project!  Even the hubby got into it, helping me pick out sprinkle combos, or deciding who would like which cupcake.
I find cupcakes too cute to eat anyways, so this way I can have my cake and keep it too!

Vanilla cupcake with silver frosting, and "candy" sprinkles

Chocolate and vanilla go so well together!

I couldn't NOT make a purple one!

My adorable earrings.  I put together my outfit around them the next day!

My pattern, and one for a future ice cream cone ornament.  Come back later for that one... :)

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  1. I got mine when your Dad arrived home! Too cute for words! It is front and center on the Christmas tree.