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Friday, July 3, 2015

Disney Villain Costume DIY Tutorial - Cruella de Vil and Dalmatian

In my last post, I showed you the costumes I made/helped make for our youth group's Disney villain night.
I decided to go as Cruella de Vil, because - let's be honest - she has AMAZING style!  And the girl knows how to rock black and white, which is my favorite look!
I'm pleased to say, that I had all the items for my Cruella and Dalmatian costume.  Now, I understand not all of you have two tubs of G-rated costumes under your bed, but let me give you the details!

Cruella de Vil:
- 1 fabulous black and white dress (mine is a Liz Claiborne dress from a couple years ago.)
- Slinky black necklace
- Black and white wig (I actually combined two wigs - an Effie Trinkett and a Cleopatra one.)
- Black (or more traditionally red) leather gloves
- Red belt
- Black pumps
- Some kind of fur coat/shrug (I found mine at a thrift store.)
- Cruella makeup

There are many ways you could make a dalmatian costume.  A White sweatsuit set, a sleeper, you could enhance it with face paint.. but here's what I did.
- I took Aidan's Max costume, from our Where The Wild Things Are escapades.  I cut off the crown, painted on some spots, sewed on some felt dog ears, and voila!

With my sweet puppy!

With my bestie, Yzma

Captain Hook, Cruella and the sweetest puppy!

I love our Summer Camps, and I LOVE dressing up!
What a fun summer!

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