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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Around The World In 80 Days Nursery

I FINALLY got pictures of Aidan's nursery!  Now that he is 18 months old, and we're moving out of the first home he's ever had...
When we were thinking about ideas for Aidan's nursery, we wanted something that wasn't too babyish, and would grow with him.  I love Jules Verne, and Around The World in 80 Days is such an amazing book - I thought it would be perfect.  Turn of the century transportation - blues, browns and grays.  Perfect!

Here's a list of where we got some of his treasures:
- Quilt on foot rest - My mom made it; see Dan's pocket here in the last picture?
- Quilt on bed - My mom started to make that one when she found out she was pregnant with me, but then didn't finish it because I turned out to be a girl.  When we found out we were having a boy, she finished it, and it is beautiful!
- The curtains and sheet from that my mom refashioned. Because she is amazing!
- The matching totes and surveyor lamp are also from
- We got Aidan's furniture set (crib, changing table, glider and foot rest) from
- We found the hanging airplanes, metal letters, wall stickers and knobs on the changing table at
- The teddy bear on his bed was a gift from Dan on an anniversary. We used to call it "Danny Bear".  Now we call it "Daddy Bear".
- The luggage pillows on the bed were Etsy buys from my mom (the tags say Budapest and Hungary).
- The gray crochet blanket was made by a co-worker.
- The "Never Grow Up" pillow was a gift from our pastor, Pastor Andrea, when we visited Disney World with our youth group.
- I made the mobile using felt, dowels and fishing line.
- The toy airplane is from
- The old suitcases are flea market finds from Hungary.
- I made his card board. (Covered a cork board with fabric, criss-crossed ribbon, put buttons where they crossed - ta-da!)
- One of our students made the hot air balloon crayon art!  I love it!
- The treasure toy chest is from
- The toy train is from  Amazing toys!

I hope you love our sweet boy's nursery!  I love walking in there.  I wanted a room that was calming and all-boy!
 Let me know what you think!

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