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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Secret Garden Nursery

It would seem that we are just about a month away from the arrival of our little girl!  Since we found out, we have been busy making all the necessary arrangements, most notably - turning Dan's office into a nursery.  The rooms in our apartment are what Europeans call "youth rooms", which means they're on the smaller side.  All that means, is that it forces you to be more creative with how you fill the space - a challenge we readily accepted!

For the nursery theme, we started out with an Anne of Green Gables/Secret Garden idea in mind - which kind of evolved into gray and white, with wood and floral accents.  It's easy get "cluttery", especially in a small room, and especially with kids' stuff.  So with everything, we tried to use things that were multi-functional.  The nursing sofa, for example opens up into a twin sized bed - perfect for fussy nights, or when grandma comes to visit!  The changing table is actually a dresser, the rug is also a play mat, the diaper caddy will also be functional after being a diaper caddy, the shelf is also a closet (of sorts), the baby gym easily folds up, etc.  Okay, enough stalling... here are some pictures!

All we're missing now is the baby!  I have to say, my favorite things in her room are the shelf with the branch, the wreath, her name art, the dolls in the rocking chair, the parasol, baby gym, blankets and play mat.  Okay, all of it, lol!  We're ready for you, baby girl!

Here's a list of where we got some of her treasures:

Crib, sofa, book shelf, diaper caddy, dresser - IKEA
Floral mobile wreath - Alison Michel on Etsy
Ljubljana city scape print - GUD Shop
Beloved pillow - Little Fruit Tree Shop on Etsy
Baby gym - my mom has a friend who is a carpenter, and he built the frame for us.  We specifically asked that it would be collapsable, and that the center rod would come out - this way we could take the toys off to be used in other situations as well.
Baby gym hanging toys - Baby Dreamland Toys on Etsy
Clothes hanging shelf - the white shelf part is from IKEA.  The same carpenter then drilled holes in the shelf.  We found a branch we liked, stained it, drilled holes in that too, and attached it with hemp rope.
Baby Lit Books - Baby Lit
Blonde doll and "Jocelyn Rose" needle work - PjulcsY - she is a Hungarian doll maker, and I just love her dolls' sweet faces!
Blanket, flower-shaped swaddle and play mat - Elodie Details
Three "ladies" sitting in rocking chair, and dolls on bookshelf- made by my mom, based off of Tilda doll patterns.
"Have Courage" sign - I painted it.
Little Bird Wreath - Babushka's Boutique
Sheet and changing pad cover - Burt's Bees

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